A Night on Broadway with the King

One of the best things about theatre is being able to witness talent. Whether that is in the form of dancing, singing, acting, and even the art within the stage itself. All of these aspects combined take a lot of hard work and dedication, as they are what make a show.

On Tuesday, July 2nd, exactly at 1:58 pm, a shy two minutes before the King Kong lottery closed for the day, I made the decision to enter to win tickets. It was a last minute decision to enter, and I was not expecting the results. Three minutes later, I got an email saying I won! I walked up to the box office at the theatre and I looked at my ticket in shock to see that my seats were in Orchestra. Not only were the seats in Orchestra, they were in row B, meaning it was at the very front.

To enter the King Kong: Alive on Broadway Lottery, click here

Thoughts About the Show

King Kong: Alive on Broadway made me think about a few things. For one, I have seen the movie and loved every bit of it. It makes you wonder, just how different the show is going to be. Being that I already know what is going to happen, what can I possibly see that is going to make this show amazing?

The lead actress is a woman of color.

This change in narrative ultimately changes things, in a good way. It shows that the creators of the production are open to change, and it makes the show incredibly diverse. At the time of the show, Christina Pitts was not performing, which led to her understudy to take on the role. I love that, Kayla Davion (understudy) is also a woman of color.

Details, Details, Details!

It’s only been half a day since and I still can’t believe how amazing the show was. There were details everywhere. When the cast brought out Kong, you can’t help yourself but look in awe. I don’t think I can see any other type of puppetry and think it will be better than this.

I highly encourage everyone to go see this production! It was breathtakingly beautiful and only around until August 18th! You can get tickets through the lottery like I did, or purchase through the following.

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