Story Time: The time that I won tix to Lion King 3x!

The Story:

I have been blessed enough to see Lion King live twice in Times Square. All I paid for this out of my pocket was $30 for both times. The first time I saw The Lion King, it was by pure luck. The NYPL (New York Public Library) and Lion King were working together at the time to provide New Yorkers the chance to see and celebrate The Lion King’s 20th Anniversary.

Finding out about the event was very last minute. The only library in my borough that was open when I found out was two long bus rides away. Thanks to an Uber, I managed to get there with enough time to spare. After entering for myself, I asked the staff if I can sign my friend up as well, and they let me. When it came time for the winners to get the email, my friend and I both won two tickets to see the show for free!

Basically, he first time that I was given the opportunity to see The Lion King, I won twice. By entering my friend’s information (with their permission), I won two tickets for myself, and two tickets for my friend. The second time around that I won tickets, the payment was $60 for two tickets ($30 each)

The 20th Anniversary Playbill with the tickets

A suggestion:

If you try purchasing tickets through websites like Ticketmaster, StubHub, etc. you may end up paying over $100 for one ticket alone. Take the time to enter the lottery, and save some money. Use the rest of the money you were going to spend, treat yourself and your plus one to some good food.

During the curtain call, the cast “recognizes” the orchestra.


The New York Public Library’s participation in The Lion King’s 20th Anniversary Free Performance Lottery was a random event (the first I have heard of and been a part of). There is no guarantee that if and when it will happen again for The Lion King or another Broadway show. Feel free to ask your local library if they know of any free events involving theatre.

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