Why I Read Books and Why You Should Too

In a generation that is so heavily dependent on technology, you may think that books are one of those things that are becoming non-existent. If you hop onto Instagram and search #bookstagram, you will see that it’s quite the opposite. Reading books is so much more than a hobby that people do to fill their time with. It becomes part of a lifestyle for some, including myself. Not only do I get to enjoy diving my nose into a book, but it also comes with a handful of benefits I have witnessed for myself.

Vocabulary is improved:

Growing up within a Hispanic household, English was certainly not my first language. I went from being the girl who hardly knew any English, to the woman who people often question if I really am Hispanic. I began learning more English, it became natural for me to speak English to my friends more than Spanish. My passion for reading grew and I started to speak better. I was saying words I never bothered to look up in the dictionary. I developed this understanding of new words because I was constantly reading a book. Fiction is the genre I normally find myself drawn to, and I am constantly learning new words by picking up these books.

To learn, live, and travel:

Let’s be honest, traveling is expensive. As much as I want to travel the world, I have to work a lot to experience all of that. Books have a way of doing that for us. There are over a million books out there whose characters are from around the world who are from a place you may have never been to. I believe that it is important to expose ourselves into he books that drive us away from our current life and into the shoes of the character(s) in front of us.

In the event, where you find yourself having a difficulty with speaking like stuttering:

Stuttering is something that often makes me feel embarrassed. Partially because it happens so randomly that it makes me feel out of control. An improvement that I saw from reading books, again I am referring to fiction novels, is that I began to stutter less when I spoke. While reading a book, I always read to myself in my head than aloud. I was starting to speak more clearly, and not fumbling with my words as much. This is something that happened specifically with me, and it may not affect someone else the same way.

What I have shared with you, is just a glimpse of what reading can do for someone in return. Aside from content that can captivate you and enrich your mind, there is a treasure that you will find at the end of each book.


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