Bobbie Clearly Review

Towards the end of March, I took a trip to the Roundabout Theatre in NYC to see the play Bobbie Clearly. As I mentioned in a previous post, Top 5 Favorite Broadway Shows, I have seen a lot of shows at many theaters. Normally, I head out to see Broadway musicals, but as of lately, I have been more into off-Broadway productions. For one, they’re cheaper than what you have to cough up for productions near Times Square. The more affordable a show is, the more shows I get to see.

Bobbie Clearly

Who’s in the cast? 

From left to right:  Crystal Finn, Talene Monahon, Sasha Diamond, Constance Shulman

Photo Credit:



From left to right: Marcus Ho, JD Taylor, Brian Quijada, Ethan Dubin, Christopher Innvar, Gabriel Brown, and Tyler Lea.

Photo Credit:

Photograph at the Roundabout Theatre Company listing the names of the cast members.

What is the show about?

Something unspeakable happened in the middle of a cornfield two years ago. Now, at last, the residents of Milton, Nebraska—from the cop and the nurse to the co-captains of the dance team, and even Bobbie himself—are ready to tell you their sides of the story. (Source: Roundabout Theatre)

The Set + My Thoughts: 


I was in love with the way the setting was presented at the Roundabout Theatre. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take photographs of the stage, but I think it was nicely done. The setting of the play is in a small town of Milton, Nebraska. With small towns, cornfields tend to be a “thing”. The lovely individuals behind the set design did an excellent job at capturing a corn field, and making you feel like you were there. While there is no actual stage like you would see in a large theatre, the cast made sure to use up every bit of the room during their performance. I have begun to admire plays that use small theatre spaces like Bobbie Clearly did. Mainly because it gives the audience and the cast members the opportunity to experience something different. The experience is intimate as you feel as if you are right there, up and close to the actors.

The play itself was very enjoyable. Each character had their own different personality from the other. As an audience member, I was able to really capture the relationships each of the characters had with one another. With such a small stage to work with, the cast of Bobbie Clearly were able to entertain me, and blow my mind all in one night.

For more information about the show, Bobbie Clearly, and where to find tickets: Info & Tickets

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