I accidentally bought a 50$ gift card to Amazon, and this is what I bought.

March has just started and thanks to my accidental purchase of a gift card, I spent quite some time on Amazon this past week. How did I end up with a gift card worth fifty dollars for Amazon? I’ll tell you how.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored by Amazon. I purchased the items in this blog post with my own money.

My original plan was to purchase the Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader  on Amazon. At the time of my purchase, Amazon was offering a deal where I can purchase the Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader using  a payment plan of $28.00 a month. I took the chance, and made the decision to get the kindle.

In hopes of making my first payment smaller, I was planning on using my visa gift card that I received a while ago. Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow splitting payments, and the gift card was short $7. I thought, hey! Let me use the visa gift card and add it onto an amazon gift card to that way I can use the credit from the visa gift card to pay for my kindle. The transfer from my visa gift card onto an Amazon gift card worked in addition to me paying the difference using my credit card. I added the difference to total it to $50.00 since I was also buying a case for my Kindle. It was time to proceed to checkout, then I find out I can’t use Amazon credits to pay for the Kindle. Being that it was supposed to be a reoccurring payment plan for five months, it sucked that I couldn’t, but I understood why.

Ultimately, I had no choice but to use my debit card to make the purchase. The sad part is that you are not able to retrieve the money you used towards the Amazon credit. So now here I was stuck with a credit on Amazon for $50.00. I could have used the credit to purchase eBooks since I now own a kindle, but I have plenty of other ways of finding eBooks without spending a dime. Plus, I already own over 300 books in my Kindle app from previous devices.

So what did I end up spending the remaining credit on? Let me show you.

Here’s my Amazon haul!

The Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader is the one that I purchased, which is on sale this month at Amazon for $20.00 OFF in celebration of National Reading Month. I believe that the payment plan option was removed due to the promotional sale that is going on. So if you were interested in buying the Kindle, you have to either get it while it’s on sale for $20.00, or wait for March to end to enroll in the payment plan. Win-win situation either way.

The case that I bought to use along with my Kindle is the HDE Case in Pink Floral which I got for 11.99.

Both of these products were delivered to me with my Amazon Prime subscription. I was able to receive both items together which was great.

The first item that I decided to use with my $50.00 Amazon credit was the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer in the pink and black color. The brand also offers a waist trimmer in black and yellow as an option as well. This waist trimmer only costs $20.95, with two day shipping for prime members. I love the packaging of this product. It comes in a zip lock style bag with the logo “Sweet Sweat” on it, and inside the bag is another bag that has a drawstring style to it. I like that it came this way as it provides more protection to my package and it looks good. The package also came with a sample of the Sweet Sweat Gel that is supposed to help enhance the experience for you, meaning produce more tears from your fat!

This next item I purchased at a very low price on Amazon. The way that I got this item from 19.98 to 2.00 was by entering giveaways on Amazon. I spent a good ten to twenty minutes entering countless of giveaways on, in hopes of winning anything. No luck of course, but as I kept loosing, the sellers provide discounted promotions. I came across the giveaway for these Thank You Cards cards, I lost, but then I got a coupon for 90% off. I figured why not, the cards were cute and cheap.

I have actually been looking for a new lamp to brighten my room for a while now. I love saving money so it was a bit difficult for me at first to find a lamp that looked pleasing, and yet not so expensive. This Ivy Led USB Desk Lamp fit the bill as it only costs $13.65, with prime shipping. The way to turn the lamp on is by lightly touching the base with your hand. It has three brightness settings, and let me tell you it is bright! I opened the box to see what it was like, and I can say that it was definitely worth it. The Ivy LED USB Desk Lamp offers an extended adjustable neck which is helpful whenever I need the light to shine a certain direction. The cool part about this lamp is that there is an USB port available for charging any device.

My total for this was about $36.00, leaving me with $14 more to splurge online. I love my purchases, and I can’t wait to use them all. So accidentally ending up with an Amazon credit on my account wasn’t so bad. I am definitely going to read any fine print before I complete a transaction like this again, but I didn’t lose! I get to trim my waist as I work out, while my Ivy Led Lamp shines in my room alongside my thank you cards that I will use soon enough.

Thanks for reading!

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