K-Beauty Sheet Mask Haul

For the past year, I have gained a serious obsession with skin care products. To this day, I still gush over the skin care aisle despite the fact that I already have everything I need. Although, I will always find something “else” that I feel like I need in the beauty aisle. Taking care of your own skin should be at the very top of everyone’s priority list. It is what helps keep you confident and happy on the inside. Taking care of my skin constantly is what made it possible for me to see and believe that I do not need foundation. Not that there is anything wrong with using foundation. The more you take care of your skin, the more you see how much it is capable of being clear and glowing on its own.

One thing to definitely take notice of, is that not every skin care product out there will work for you. This is why majority of retailers have their amazing return policies that allow you to refund beauty products that you are unsatisfied with. Definitely take a look at the retailer’s refund policy first before you buy to ensure you are able to return after it has been used and open.

After completing some important errands, I took a trip to the CVS store near me, and spoiled myself with 17 sheet masks. Currently, there is a sale at CVS with K-Beauty skin care products where you get ten dollars back (extrabucks) for spending twenty dollars. I went crazy and “spent” forty dollars, getting back twenty. Each sheet masks at CVS was really affordable as you can also use extrabucks you have received from previous transactions to pay for the sheet masks, which is what I did. I ended up paying only seven dollars for 17 sheet masks ( I also extreme coupon which explains why I got it for so cheap ).

Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored, nor were the products provided by Peach & Lily or Frudia. I paid for the items on my own.

Here are fifteen of the seventeen sheet masks I bought today. The other two are duplicates of the Frudia brand, so I didn’t feel the need to include them. I chose a different mask simply to try each one the brands had to offer.





From the 7 days mask from left to right:
1. 7 days mask in green tea
2. 7 days mask in lemon
3. 7 days mask in avocado
4. 7 days mask in bamboo water
5. 7 days mask in tea tree
6. 7 days mask in pomegranate


Check Peach & Lily for more information and different sheet masks that are offered



From Peach and Lily from left to right:
1. Shrink Pores Sheet Mask (Willow Bark + Soybean Extract)
2. Brighten Sheet Mask (Yuzu + Lotus)



Check Peach & Lily for more information and different sheet masks that are offered.




From Juice Cleanse Mask from left to right:
1. JCM Raspberry and Lentil
2. JCM Spearmint and Green Apple
3. JCM Kale and Grapefruit


Check Peach & Lily for more information and different sheet masks that are offered.




From the Frudia line from left to right:
1. Natural Hydration (Maintains Moisture with Blueberry)
2. Pore Control (Reduce Sebum with Green Grapes)
3. Nutri-Tightening (Moisture Skin Barrier with Pomegranates)
4. Brightening (Bursting Energy with Citrus)

Check www.frudiausa.com for more information.



I will be sharing a blog post on my opinion on these sheet mask soon as I go through them. Normally, I get a positive reaction from using sheet masks, and I am sure that if you try them, you will too. I have yet to hear a story of how someone ended up getting acne from using a sheet masks as they are created to moisturize your skin, and heal it in a way.

Stay Tuned & Moisturized !

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