Rachael Ray Show Taping: As an audience member

Hi Everyone !

To start things off, I would like to introduce myself. .

My name is Jocelyn and I am currently living in NYC, the lovely city full of diversity and life, the one that never sleeps. Earlier this year, I was given the opportunity to attend a show taping for a popular show which I am sure many of you have heard of the television show called Rachael Ray .

Rachael Ray is a popular chef that hosts her very own talk show that involves a variety of segments. The show tapes in New York City in the Chelsea area in Manhattan. Her show primarily focuses on showcasing recipes, Rachael and occasionally others cooking. The show often “spices” things up by including segments of all kinds that are beneficial to watch for many individuals.


Tickets to the Rachael Ray show are completely free! You can be a part of the studio audience, and bring along any guest you want as long as they are over the age of 16 with a valid government issued ID.

I applied for tickets online through the official Rachael Ray website on March 24th, 2017. As you should know when you apply for tickets, there is a chance it will take a while before you hear from the show. Once you enter your information on the website, you do get a confirmation email soon enough which is great. There were times I entered my information for tickets for other shows and did not receive a confirmation so I was not sure whether or not they received my request.

Less than two weeks after I originally requested tickets, I received an email from the Rachael Ray show informing me that they have tickets available for such date and times. In the email, you get the opportunity to respond with your time slot preference, whether that would be the morning , or afternoon.

Note: If you apply for ticket, check your email as much as you can. The moment you receive an email explaining what I just mentioned, the sooner you respond back, the better chances you have at getting a ticket.

In the email, the show requests basic information about you, such as how many tickets you would like (4 is the max), the names of you and your guests, etc.

Again, the first email is not your ticket, the show will specify that the minute you open the email. Soon after, you should receive another email confirming the time and date you have chosen.

The day I received my first email, I responded within two hours after it arrived in my inbox. Less than two hours later, I received the email indicating that it was indeed a ticket to the show. In this email, the show provides information regarding dress code, address of the studio, and more. The email itself will also include further action you have to follow before the show.

Want to get tickets ? Rachael Ray Tickets


Things You Need to Know

  • If your time slot is 3:00 pm, get there EARLY. Just because you received a ticket via email, it does not guarantee you get a seat. There are times where a show gives out way too many tickets. It hasn’t happened to me but I have done my research before attending and read stories where the show was full, and people were given tickets to come back again without having to wait in line.
  • There will be a line, usually outside of the studio first. Keep in mind of the weather for such day.
  • Follow the dress code ! The last thing you want is to wear something that is not exactly allowed in their dress code. You will be denied entry 
  • Eat before the show if you can. Taping can last from 1 to 3 + hours
  • Do not expect a giveaway, just focus on enjoying yourself








P.S. They do not allow you to have your phone on while inside the set which sucks because it looks so beautiful. The photos I have above are inside the studio but before the metal detectors we had to go through for safety reasons.

lights . . camera . . ACTION !

The episode I was a part of as an audience member is titled A Healthy Four-Ingredient Pizza Crust?! Using Vinegar to Re-Finish Your Coffee Table?!  It is in season 11 , episode 165. In this episode, the viewers ( the audience ) were given turning technologies clickers to vote throughout the show. The show called it their very first “Viewer Tip Off”, where we were shown four different categories, and had to vote from each. The categories were DIY Home Decor, Fashion, Weight-Loss, and Cooking. Below I’ll show a few clips from the episode.

DIY Home Decor category

Weight Loss Category

Cooking Category

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a video showing the contestants in the fashion category.


It was a fun experience to have, and worth going to. You get to experience what it is really like to be an audience member. You see the light set up, all of the cameras you don’t get to see on television. You get to see the cast making mistakes ( because let’s face it no one is perfect ) , scenes having to be redone because something wasn’t right.

Earlier in this post, I did mention to not expect a giveaway, and that’s the mindset I went with on the show. I focused on enjoying myself, enjoying this experience I may not get to experience later on in life. The show was nice enough to give each and every one of the audience member a gift bag with goodies.
The show taping took place two days after Easter, so it was not shocking to me to have received Easter themed gifts. In the photograph, you’ll see a

  • Rachael Ray’s Everyday magazine
  • Blue Diamonds Almonds
  • Peeps
  • A Peeps plush toy
  • A pair of Peeps headphones
  • A water bottle given to us by the 50 Strong Company (website)



If you live in NYC, I would highly suggest taking advantage of FREE opportunities such as this one. There are plenty of fun free activities we as New Yorkers don’t take advantage of.


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